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SMART INDUSTRIAL LCD MODULES     With a strategic technology partnership agreement with DWIN Technology Co. Ltd., one of the world’s leading HMI Screen developers, IPACK offers best industrial automation and HMI solutions to fulfill your needs.

    DWIN is one of the biggest global players in HMI (TFT LCD) technologies and can manufacture high technology products in lots of different sectors, thanks to its high technology production lines and R&D teams. It has become solution partners of the world’s biggest brands/companies with its high quality products, intelligent segmentation and optimum price/performance strategies

Technical Specifications
TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS • High quality & competitive LCMs integrated inside UART Intelligent LCD Modules
• Data transfer via SD Card. No need for PC connection
• RS232/TTL converter, simple & reliable serial port communication
• Serial port display & TFT LCD module
• Built-in driver, compliant with SCM and API text/graphic
• 16.7M colors, high quality screen
• Protective encapsulation and dual core driver module, designed specially for heavy operating conditions
• Preloaded user friendly and fast instructions
• High reliability and consistency
• Ultra low power consumption for industrial use
• Wide operating temperature range: 55°C to +85°C
• Real Industrial HMI Level; 4KV ESD protection (2KV LCD Interface)
• Font library supporting user R&D fonts
• Up to 3 GB memory
• Video player feature, thanks to its extended SD Card interface
• Wide screen options supporting all TFT digital applications; from 3.5” up to 21.5”
• 6 Pin_3.81 connector, RS485/232 dual-interface (MODBUS supported)
• No program need for LCD driver
• Reinforced touch screen
• Plastic cover (ABS+PC)
• IP65 protection class, water-proof front panel
• Wide operating voltage range
• Easy and fast installation
• IEC class 4ESD protection
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