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Address: Tavukçu Yolu cad. Başer Sok. No:26/B Y.Dudullu Ümraniye, İstanbul

Phone: +90 216 314 56 57 - Mail: info@ipack.com.tr

AUTOMATION SYSTEM SOLUTIONS     We design IPACK Automation System solutions and present to our customers, by using smart programmable IPACK PLCs, which are completely designed and manufactured in our own premises.

    IPACK PLCsenable wired and/or wireless communication via its modules. Data flow from the systems can be monitored and managed locally and/or remotely, via SMS, GPRS, e-mail and through web. IPACK Automation System allows online monitoring of data online and/or data logs can be obtained from the system later, as reports. Authorized personnel for IPACK Automation System can be defined via password, contactless card and/or I-button feature installed on the system.

    Our central office software, SCADA, prepared exclusively for IPACK Automation System, is a user friendly and SQL server based software. All hardware and software solutions about IPACK Automation System are carried out within our own premises.
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